Intelligent Customer Care Solutions (ICCS)
The approach of large companies and organizations to provide special and customer-oriented services over the past decade, along with a scientific view of service, sales and marketing processes, has led to the development of call centers and contact centers in the country, which serve different branches. Is giving.
Managing and improving the processes of a call center and its scientific and principled management involves a high percentage of the success of a call center, and it is safe to say that this is a prerequisite for success in providing services in a call center
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Chose your Best Call Center Methodology
Set up your Call Center

If you have decided to start a customer service center. You have a hard time. You have to be perfect


Customer relationship is always a dynamic process and your rules should always be up to date.

improve your Call Center

Customer relationship is always a dynamic process and your rules should always be up to date.

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ICCS Vision

Provide the latest management and technology solutions to be the best in providing services

Our Responsibilities

We are responsible for your customers. Even more than you

Creative Solutions

Our company was founded in 2014 and has always tried to provide the best customer service solutions.

Our Team

All members of our large joint venture have extensive experience, deep and immediate skills

Our Business is our Life

We live with our businesses, and raising the quality of our businesses increases the quality of our lives.

Digital Customer

Customers are smart, fast and promising. In today’s digital world, our way of communicating with customers is crucial

Customer Service Intelligent Solutions

Welcome to new era of customer service. be ready to jump to amazing and wonderful solutions to boost up customer experience.

Call Center Outsourcing
Customer service/ Call Center Outsourcing

Today's business environment is described as an unstable and unpredictable environment in which businesses need to use a variety of tools and methods to adapt to these rapid changes. One of the things companies are looking to join today is the growing importance of call centers, and if you look at the number of call centers around the world and compare it to decades past, you'll see it grow. This shows the need to use call centers in business processes in all industries. We will inform you about the various industries of your call center in this industry

Customer Service / Call Center Consulting

Due to the wide range of equipment and modules related to the Contact Centers and the variety of their functions in different situations, it is necessary to review and design consciously before any action.​​​​​​​

Customer Service / Call Center Training

ICCS co is the Company specially works on Contact Center Management Concept and holds workshops and Conferences in this field.

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What do ICCS say?​​​​​​​

Customer service centers is always at the forefront of meeting the changing expectations of the organization and its customers, and we do not know of any other industry that can quickly adapt to these rapid and increasing changes.
New communication channels, employees of the organization and, most importantly, customers who are becoming more and more capable and aware, all of these along with customer service solutions have been able to help improve the quality of customer experience in organizations.
The Customer service departments  has always existed and will continue to exist in all organizations, both small and large, as an efficient and important tool, but there have certainly been significant changes in the form of use and even the components of this tool. The rapid growth of technology, and more importantly, the changing lifestyle of our customers, shows that there will soon be fundamental changes in communication centers that will change the nature and even the appearance and function of them.
Many of the changes we think will happen in the future have already happened.

So the more time we waste on change, the better for others