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With more than 15 years of experience in training and designing various contact centers in various organizations and industries and using the best and most experienced teachers in this field, ICCS Company has come to the conclusion that training is the main effective factor in the process of increasing quality and Satisfaction

, and the role of training in call centers, in addition to raising the level of knowledge and skills of staff that directly affects customer satisfaction, has a significant role in increasing employee motivation and staying in the organization, which directly reduces costs and improving the work environment quality.

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At least 5% of the call center staff’s time should be devoted to training. Training in call centers is ongoing and should be done on a regular basis. The call center environment is very dynamic and variable, and experts should always be ready to help.

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Call Center Training Courses / Agent Level

Contact Center agents summarize all the processes and goals of the organization and demonstrate it through dialogue and verbal communication with the organization’s audience, so a successful conversation and standard and principled negotiation can be the most important part of the customer relationship process. Assign. Contact center experts can use their techniques, principles and experience to make the efforts of their organization fruitful or vice versa !!!

Principles and techniques of successful telephone negotiation and anger management

Course Content

Successful phone call tools

Key points in the phone call section

Tips on your body language

Common Mistakes and Key Negotiations in Telephone Conversations

Do’s and don’ts

Wrong compensation

Anger management in telephone conversations

Controlling the anger of angry customers

Overcome negative negatives

Target Audience

Contact center agents

Customer relationship agents

Office officials

Principles and techniques of customer service center

Course Content

Define the service and its characteristics in the call center

Check the call center as a service delivery tool

Methods of establishing an effective communication with the audience

Familiarity with the standards and sections of a successful conversation

Investigating important individual factors in customer relationship centers

Effective recruitment of call center experts

Effective motivation in call center experts

Target Audience

Managers and supervisors of call centers who are directly involved in guiding and using call centers.

Experienced agents of call center

Call Center Training Courses / Supervisor level

Call center supervisors play a huge role in service quality. Supervisors play a key role in the management of the call center as well as the guidance of agents, and are the main point of contact between the organization and the customer with the call center. High communication skills, reporting skills and decision-making power are the main abilities that call center supervisors should have.

Management and quality control of call center

Course Content

Familiarity with the correct and incorrect methods of contact center management

Measurable parameters in call centers for qualitative and quantitative measurement of call centers

Crisis management in call centers

Prediction and planning

Management of call center forces and work shifts

Target Audience

Managers and supervisors of call centers who are directly involved in guiding and using call centers

Execute and expand call center

Course Content

Investigate the methods of setting up and expanding call centers

Implementation and scheduling methods in implementing call center projects

RFP production methods in call center projects

Determining recruitment and human resource management strategies

Familiarity with dynamic and multimedia contact centers Contact Center

Matching qualitative and quantitative indicators with existing tools and resources

Target Audience

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Call Center Training Courses / Manager level

Responding to the requests of customers and clients of the organization is one of the major concerns and costs of any business, which is generally associated with many problems and often does not fully and comprehensively meet the needs of the organization.Contact Centers are the most professional customer relationship tools that can properly handle this serious task in our business, but perhaps a high percentage of managers have set up a call center so far. Whether or not they are thinking of setting it up, there are always a lot of questions that make it difficult to set up and use call centers. Proper design of a call center is the most important part of the evolution of a call center, recognizing the components and the relationships between them that allow us to expect a quality call center in the future. But the diversity of these components and the complexity of the relationship is greater than we think

Strategic design and planning of call center

Course Content

Familiarity with the design cycle of call centers

New call center strategy and SLO or service level strategies

Determining goals and quality indicators in the KPI call center

Methods of estimating and predicting resources and manpower

Examine different structures and organizational charts and identify their differences

Familiarity with new tools and technologies

Investigating successful and unsuccessful examples of call centers in Iran and the world

Target Audience

Managers of marketing, sales and after-sales service

Managers and supervisors of call centers

Consultants and designers of customer relationship systems

Execute and expand call center

Course content

Familiarity with CRM and its role in the call center

Customer definition in CRM

Customer identification methods in CRM

Investigate the methods of CRM integration with the contact centers

Familiarity with modern software and compare them

Target Audience

Managers of marketing, sales and after-sales service

Managers and supervisors of call centers

Consultants and designers of customer relationship systems

About ICCS Company

Company has been established since 2014 in the field of training, consulting and providing specialized solutions for customer service and customer experience. Our company is trying to help all organizations and companies that have valuable customers be able to maintain this important asset well. Increasing customer satisfaction and improving their experience of using companies’ products and services is our transfer value to our clients.

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