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What Is Call & Contact Center?

The call center is a regular and coordinated set of tools, processes and skilled manpower in any organization that is responsible for communicating simply, quickly and efficiently with all the contacts of an organization.

What is the main function of the call center?

The main task of the call center is to answer and solve the problems of the contacts in the least number of calls. So that the audience can solve their problem very easily and in the shortest time and only through communication with the call center. This is the main goal and task of any call center.

What is the difference between a call center and a contact Center ?

The difference between a call center and a contact center is the multiplicity of communication channels with contacts. When the number of communication channels exceeds the voice call (chat, email, video, fax, social networks, etc.), the call center becomes the contact center. Of course, the condition for the call center to become a contact center is that in addition to the variety of channels used, the information received from all channels is also integrated

Contact Center Components

Technology & Tools

-Communication Channels

-Data Entry and workflow tools

-Call & Contacts managements

-Monitoring and Control tools

Process & Management

-Workflow management

-IVR Routing Process

-Business processes

-Knowledge management

Human Resourse

-Call Center structure

-Training Process

-attrition rate

-Assessment centers


Call Center KPI s

Customer side KPI s

Company side KPI s

Business intelligence

ICCS contact center solutions


The call center is a key part of any organization and is responsible for connecting with the main capital of any organization, its customers, but setting up call centers has many challenges for the organization and takes a lot of financial and managerial resources from the organization and its maintenance For several years,has incurred running costs.

Depending on the organization’s strategies and priorities, and how well the organization wants to spend its resources in this way, they choose one of the following ways to set up a call center.

On PREMISE Call center

If an organization decides to run and set up all the components of the call center locally in its organization, and to manage and maintain it completely on its own. The organization has set up a on premise call center.

Hosted Call center

Due to the advancement of technology and the use of cloud technologies and hosting of call center equipment, many organizations prefer to use technology as a “service purchase” in their organization instead of investing in hardware and software equipment. Pick up and focus on managing and providing skilled manpower.

Outsourcing call center

The most common type of call center setup in the world is outsourcing to companies that have been formed with the same expertise and can provide the services of call center services to companies in a completely specialized and high quality manner. If an organization decides to use these resources at the core of its business instead of spending its resources on setting up a local call center, leave the issue of customer relationship to a specialist organization and take responsibility for monitoring and formulating the strategy itself. The best way is to outsource the call center, but it is important to choose the right business partners in this area.

ICCS Call Center Services

Customer service

One of the most widely used services of ICCS company’s call center is providing “customer service” in the call center. Specialized consultations, solving customer problems regarding purchased goods and services, introducing products, customer complaints and following up on customer cases within the organization are among the services provided in this service.


Talking to a human being is still the most effective way of marketing, and telemarketing is the least expensive type of marketing. ICCS specialized and experienced staff can introduce your products and services to your target market in the shortest possible time.

International call centers:

If your products and services have international customers, you should be able to provide services to all of them in a language that is suitable for them. ICCS contact center has the full ability to provide services in different languages, including English, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, etc.


Customers of this era have a wide variety of access to communication tools, and your organization must provide a variety of communication channels in order to be able to communicate well and effectively with its audience, provided that it can focus on all of these channels. Manage and monitor your call center

customer survey

The main inputs for marketing and market development teams for proper planning are market research information and customer surveys. Telephone interviews and telephone surveys are still the most effective survey methods, and ICCS services can solve this basic need of your business in the fastest and most reliable way.

Technical Help desk

By expanding the services and products of companies on the IT platform and also increasing the number of their users in IT products and services in the form of BtoC and BtoB, supporting these products and their users is a big challenge that you can easily solve this problem. with ICCS Technical support and NOC services.

َAbout ICCS Company

Company has been established since 2014 in the field of training, consulting and providing specialized solutions for customer service and customer experience. Our company is trying to help all organizations and companies that have valuable customers be able to maintain this important asset well. Increasing customer satisfaction and improving their experience of using companies’ products and services is our transfer value to our clients.

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